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David Bezemer

Solutions Architect &
Business Consultant

I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.

My passion is to work closely together with other professionals to implement, develop or recommend solutions that enables people and organizations to thrive.

You can find me on the below social networks, or find more information here and on my company website.

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About Me

  • David Bezemer
  • May 3, 1988

Hello! Welcome to my personal page. This website is my personal business card, containing information about my skills, my resume, some projects I have done, and background information.

If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to use any of the listed methods on this site, or use one of the social network listed in the bottom left corner.


Cor van der Linden ‐ Manager at Ctac I got to know David as an enthusiastic, optimistic person with a admirable eagerness to learn, in no way limited to his responsibilities at that time or his field of study for that matter. This quality has resulted in the fact that David can relate to you on any topic. Combined with his excellent communication skills, it makes David in my opinion a valuable and pleasant colleague to work with in any company.

Harold Speeks ‐ interim IT manager at Stoas I hired David when I was responsible as interim IT manager at Stoas. During his interview he surprised me with the amount of technical knowledge he showed, despite of his young age. I had high expectations of him and he realy lived up to that. I haven't met a lot of people with this amount of technical knowledge, especially at his age. What's even more important is that he's perfectly capable of translating business requirements into technical solutions, even in a demanding environment. Having David on your team is a guarantee for succes and therefore I would hire David again anytime!

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  • Business Consultant | Solutions Architect 2012 - Current
    UP learning

    As a Business Consultant and Solutions Architect my primary role is to work closely together with various organizations to establish their needs in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization.

  • Technical Consultant 2011 - 2012
    Stoas (now UP learning)

    As part of a team of technical Consultants I implemented and built dedicated learning environments (LMS/ELO/LCMS/VLE) for corporate and education based customers.

  • Technical Consultant 2010 - 2011
    Junior College Utrecht (JCU)
    part of Utrecht University

    As Educational Developer I created a complete course for secondary and higher education in the Computer Science and Nature Life Technology (NLT) subjects.

  • Computer Science Teacher 2008 - 2011
    Ichthus College

    As a part-time teacher I taught Computer Science (or IT) to high school students. The students were 14-16 years and the subject is chosen voluntarily.


  • Biomedical Engineering 2006 - 2010
    Eindhoven University of Technology

    Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Bsc)

Technical Skills

  • LAMP stack 100%
  • Open Source 100%
  • PHP 70%
  • MySQL 60%
  • JavaScript 60%
  • CSS 90%
  • High-Availability 90%

Business Skills

  • Finance 100%
  • Project Management 90%
  • Entrepreneurship 100%
  • Academic Ability 80%
  • Communication 90%

Other Skills

  • Drive 100%
  • Passion 100%
  • Creativity 80%

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Contact Info

  • Kolkakkerweg 28
    6706GM, Wageningen
  • david.bezemer

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